Nowa klasa w World of Warcraft – Augmentation Evoker. Zwiększaj obrażenia swoim przyjaciołom!

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Announces New Augmentation Evoker Class

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has broken the mold for support classes by announcing a new specialization. In just a few weeks, players will welcome the brand-new Augmentation role. This role can be marked as a damage dealer, but it differs from all other WoW DPS specs. Augmentation changes the way support classes interact with allies, as its spells and abilities focus on strengthening team members, increasing their health, speed, and damage output depending on what the situation requires.

Having this in mind, the Augmentation Evoker can be a harbinger of an entirely new playstyle for both support and damage specs in World of Warcraft.

Support Specializations in World of Warcraft

Each healing specialization in World of Warcraft focuses on mitigating as much damage as possible on behalf of the player behind the keyboard, replenishing the health bars of allies, and occasionally shielding them from incoming damage. There are a few spells that increase the strength of team members, but currently, there is not a single specialization that acts as both a damage dealer and support. It has always been one or the other, and while classes differ in strategies, the core of the matter never changes. At least not until Augmentation appeared and turned the whole meaning of DPS specs upside down.

The Augmentation Evoker

The upcoming Augmentation Evoker is not so selfish with its damage output and emphasizes the importance of teamwork. Its main strength lies in increasing the damage dealt by its friends. Augmentation is truly the black sheep among both damage dealers and healers in World of Warcraft, and future occupations can fully utilize this unique combination. One of the suggestions for a new class is the long-awaited bard class, as from a logistical point of view, its most likely role will be support class that enhances allies with the power of music. The tiniest details of such a class are probably far from consideration, let alone worked out, but at least now the foundation has been laid.

The Future of World of Warcraft

Augmentation Evokers can change the way World of Warcraft players think and act in their gameplay, as a completely new way of thinking is required to fully utilize what this new specialization offers. The Augmentation Evoker will appear in patch 10.1.5, right in the middle of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible raid level. Until then, Draught of Thawing players will eagerly await Blizzard’s gift and see if this new specialization is everything it promises to be. If its role and playstyle prove to be a spectacular success, it could change World of Warcraft forever.