Adam Frazier’s Swing Fix Through Fortnite: Incredible Results

Orioles’ Adam Frazier Finds Swing Fix Through Fortnite


Adam Frazier, the Orioles’ contact hitter, found an unexpected source of help for his batting struggles through a game of Fortnite with his friend and hitting instructor, Nick Ammirati. Ammirati suggested some minor adjustments in Frazier’s swing, which included sticking his butt and hips out slightly to create a smoother and faster path for the bat. Frazier followed the advice and has since seen a remarkable improvement in his performance, hitting six home runs this season and achieving a 17-game hitting streak.


Nick Ammirati, a hitting coach at the University of Kentucky and a longtime friend of Adam Frazier, noticed some issues with Frazier’s swing during a game of Fortnite and suggested some minor tweaks. Frazier, who was struggling with his batting average, followed the advice and saw an immediate improvement in his contact and power hitting.

The adjustment was simple: sticking his butt and hips out slightly during the swing to create a smoother and faster path for the bat. Ammirati, who has been coaching hitters for ten years, noted that sometimes an extra pair of eyes can make all the difference in a player’s performance.

Frazier’s newfound success has been evident in his recent hitting streak, hitting safely in all but one game over the past two weeks. His improved swing mechanics have allowed him to hit more home runs and achieve better contact, making him a valuable asset to the Orioles’ lineup.


Adam Frazier’s success story is a testament to the importance of seeking help and advice from others, even in unexpected places, to improve one’s performance. The minor adjustment to his swing has made all the difference, and Frazier’s improvement is a lesson to all aspiring athletes to keep an open mind to new ideas and strategies.

Source: The Baltimore Banner.