Fortnite pomaga Orioles Adamowi Frazierowi poprawić technikę uderzenia

Orioles’ Adam Frazier Finds Swing Fix Through Fortnite

Adam Frazier, the Orioles’ contact-hitting standout, recently found an unexpected source of help for his swing: Fortnite. While playing the game with his friend and hitting coach Nick Ammirati, Frazier received a suggestion that led to a breakthrough in his batting mechanics. Ammirati, currently a hitting coach at the University of Kentucky, urged Frazier to watch his swing by sending him videos of his home runs and ground balls. After analyzing the footage, Ammirati noticed that Frazier’s hips were too straight, and suggested that he stick his butt out slightly to achieve a smoother, faster swing.

The Power of Extra Eyes

The adjustment, which Frazier has since implemented, has revitalized his game and added an unexpected power to his contact-hitting abilities. In his last 14 games, Frazier has recorded a hit in all but one, and has hit six home runs, including a two-run homer against the Los Angeles Angels’ Shohei Ohtani. Frazier’s renewed success shows the power of extra eyes and a fresh perspective, even for a seasoned player like him.

For Ammirati, who has been coaching hitters for the past decade, helping Frazier improve his swing was a welcome challenge. He was impressed by Frazier’s swing even in their college days, but noticed that his hips were hindering his performance. By encouraging Frazier to rely more on his legs and hips for power, Ammirati helped him unlock a new level of hitting.

Back to Basics

Frazier’s success highlights the importance of going back to basics and focusing on the fundamentals of a sport. By paying attention to his hips and leg movements, Frazier was able to improve his swing and add power to his hits. As a result, he is now hitting with more confidence and consistency, and has become one of the Orioles’ most reliable batters this season.

Sources: The Baltimore Banner.