6 porad do Counter Strike 2, których musisz znać

Here are some Counter Strike 2 tips that will help you improve your play. Counter Strike 2, being the newest game in the franchise, is bringing a lot of changes that will make the game even more desirable. In this article, we will reveal some details about certain aspects of Counter Strike 2 that you may not be aware of.

Your Scoped Guns are not that accurate when you are in a Molotov

Everyone knows that Molotovs can be incredibly annoying to play against because of the damage they do. However, what many people don’t know is that when you are in a Molotov, your aim with a scoped gun is not as accurate. This can make a difference in your gameplay. Although the accuracy is not terrible, it’s not perfect either. Therefore, it’s better to try and escape from the Molotov while using an AWP, Scout, or any other gun with a scope.

Using a Grenade to make the Smoke disappear for a few seconds

Smokes are completely new in Counter Strike 2 and they work differently than before. One cool trick that you may not know is that if you throw a Grenade inside a smoke, it will disperse for a few seconds, giving you a clear vision. This can give you the advantage of surprising and killing your opponents who are not aware of this trick. However, you need to be fast because it only lasts for about a second.

Different kinds of wall bangs

Counter Strike 2 has many wall bangs that you can take advantage of. Although we cannot specify any particular ones as the game is still in Beta and these things may change, you should explore various wall bangs on different maps. Dust 2 is a good map to start with, where you can shoot enemies rushing Short if you are on the B window with an AWP. There are many other wall bangs that you can discover and test while playing.

Blowing up doors

Grenades play a crucial role in Counter Strike 2. One thing you may not know is that they can blow up doors. If you land a grenade near a door, it can destroy it. What’s interesting is that even if the door is not completely destroyed, there are leftovers that can provide cover. While they may not hide your entire player model, they can still surprise your opponents who won’t expect you to be there.

Smokes have different colors

Another change in Counter Strike 2 is the fact that smokes now have different colors. CT smokes are blueish, while T smokes are brown. What you may not know is that these smokes change colors over time. CT smokes start to look greyish, and the same applies to T smokes. This information can help you determine how old a smoke is and when it’s about to expire.

Pay attention to Shadows

Counter Strike 2 has significantly improved graphics, and one area where Valve has made a lot of progress is the shadows. When holding an angle or pushing, always pay attention to your shadow and its position. This will allow you to see if someone will be able to spot you. Not many people are aware of this yet, so use it to your advantage when playing.

Remember that Counter Strike 2 is still in Beta, so some of the things mentioned in this article may not be available in the future. However, these tips can help you improve your gameplay and give you an edge over your opponents. Good luck!

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